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  9. Half-dried Aurora Black Grapes 3 Packs


Half-dried Aurora Black Grapes 3 Packs

C$ 13

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Daiki Foods


Half-dried Aurora Black Grapes 3 Packs

C$ 13

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Half-dried grapes made with highly praised "Aurora Black", 
which is Okayama's original seedless grapes with edible skin.

Not too sweet but rich in flavor, they go well with prosciutto and cheese.
You can also add them to desert such as ice cream and yogurt. 
Enjoy the juicy taste!

Content: 90g

■Ingredients: Grapes (made in Okayama, Japan)
■Content: 30g x 3 Packs

■Weight (g) (Including Packaging): 117g
■Made in Japan
■How to serve: Open the individual package and eat as is. 
・Consume as soon as possible once opened. 
・Seeds might be left unremoved. It doesn't affect the quality. 
・Tartaric acid might get crystalized when stored in a fridge or a cold place for a long period of time.
・Shelf life applies to unopened products.
・Shape, size or color may vary. 
■Storage: Avoid direct sunlight, store in a cool place.
■Manufacturer: Daiki Foods Co., Ltd. 

Item No. V06127999028
Jan: 4974889090062

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