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Women’s Bottoms Full-Length (cotton mixed) Dark Grey

C$ 50

In Stock V03918XXX028
Shinwa Knit


Women’s Bottoms Full-Length (cotton mixed) Dark Grey

C$ 50

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“Kishu Undergarments” are made under the concept of ultimate warmth and comfort. They are structured in a way that traps in the warm air 2-2.5 times better than normal undergarments. The material is thick but stretchy and light. Also, it is sewn using a special machine, to make it fit perfectly to the body. 

This pair of lower body undergarment will keep your legs warm without making the pants look bulky. Great when paired with the upper body undergarment series. Color: Dark Grey

“Kishu Undergarments” was born in Wakayama, Japan’s largest producer of knit clothing. Dyed and seen by Japanese craftsmen using traditional “Maruami” technology.

■ Weight: 145-210g

■ Weight (including packaging): 155-220g

■ Materials: Acrylic 78%, cotton 18%, polyester 3%, polyurethane 1%

■ Made in Japan (designed/produced in Wakayama, dyed in Mie, sewn in Saga)

■ Brand: Kishu Undergarments

■ Precautions:  *After time, fluffy feather like materials may arise on the inside of the undergarment *The fluffy particles may attach to other clothing, so when using a washing machine, wash alone or with clothing that will not be too affected. If the fluffy parts do attach to other clothing, remove by using a clothing brush. *Do not wash in a tumble dryer. 

■ Sizes:   *When measured on a flat surface *Because it is a knit product, the size may differ slightly 

脇丈 94.5 96 97.5 99
裾幅 9.5 10.5 11.5 12.5
股下丈 70.5 71 71.5 72

Item No. V03918XXX028

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