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Marble knitted loose socks for Women 2pairs/set

C$ 20

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Marble knitted loose socks for Women 2pairs/set

C$ 20

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The socks of Chiyoji is made at a small factory at the foot of Mt.Takamikura in Banshu(Hyogo prefecture).

Chiyoji has been working on procuring of yarn, knitting, sewing and inspection by themselves.

These socks are filled with their tradition, quality and spirit.


This marble knitted socks uses terry fabric on its bottom, so that feels soft.

It protects your foots from shock and reduce the burden of your legs.

Also, it is available as a daily use because it is durable.

There are so many kinds of color that you may wear these socks through all seasons.

It is also good for a gift. Try to touch and enjoy.


Color : Please use the "SIZE" pull-down box to choose a color.

1.Banana & Lime

2.Light Blue & Mint

3.Button & Smoke

4.Iris & Aurora

5.Macaroon & Turquoise

6.Beige & Chili Pepper

■Size detail: Size 22-24cm  length(from heel) approx.18~19cm

■Materials: 70% Cotton, 25% Acrylic ,  3% Nylon, 2%


■Place of origin: Hyogo

■Brand: Chiyoji's socks

■Manufacturer: Chiyoda textile industry Co., Ltd.

■Weight(g)(only product):108

■Weight(g)(including packaging):118


・Various kinds of yarn are weaved together .

・There are differences depend on the product due to the thickness/feature of yarn.

・The length(from ankle) of each color is different.

■Other: The actual color may be different from the pictures shown.

■ We can not deliver to the following countries.
  ・ Japan

Item No. V04892XXX028
Jan: 0667673454372

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