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  9. Nanbu Tetsubin Hojuma Rust Color


Nanbu Tetsubin Hojuma Rust Color

C$ 458

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Southern Iron Craft


Nanbu Tetsubin Hojuma Rust Color

C$ 458

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Horses brimming with energy run across this Hoju-style cast-iron kettle with an elegant rusted color. Horse patterns have been considered lucky since ancient times because the Japanese word for horse (uma) resembles the sound of phrases like "to go smoothly" (umaku iku) and backwards, "to dance" (mau). This Hoju-style kettle is decorated with this auspicious pattern and finished in a rust color that displays the Japanese taste for understated elegance. The rich significance of this motif conveys the virtues of times past and reminds us of the beautiful Japanese "wabi-sabi" aesthetic.

Size (cm): Body: 19.5 (W) x 16 (D) x 21.5 (H) cm
Box: 17 (W) x 17 (D) x 23.5 (H) cm; Capacity: 1.5L
Weight (product only) (g): 1850
Weight (with packaging) (g): 2100
Materials: Cast iron
Origin: Iwate Prefecture
Brand: Nanbu Tekki (Nanbu Hoseido Oitomi)
-The interior of the kettle is tempered at a high temperature using a traditional technique to prevent rust to a certain extent. Some products may have peeling of interior coating, but this is not a quality defect. This tempering and unglazed production method is used to elute the iron as much as possible. (Some products have interior coating applied after tempering). Peeled interior coating is not harmful to the human body.
-With prolonged use, the interior may redden or become mottled. This is a phenomenon unique to cast-iron kettles. Please be aware that all cast-iron kettles rust to some extent. May be used even with rust, as long as boiled water does not have golden tint.
-Most Nanbu Tetsubin do not have a hole to let out steam in the lid, so hot water may emerge from spout when boiling. Move lid slightly to side when on flame to let steam escape. When transferring boiling water to a pot or other container, firmly close the lid on the kettle surface and hold down lid knob with a kitchen towel while pouring. If lid falls off, the hand holding the handle is exposed to hot steam, which is very dangerous.  Hot water may emerge from opening when pouring. Please be cautious.  
-Handle may become hot. Always hold with a kitchen towel.
-Danger: do not fill water all the way to opening (completely full) and boil. Boiling water will bubble over. Only fill water to about 8/10ths full at maximum.
-Leaving water in kettle for long periods of time causes rusting.
-Do not place on flame empty: interior coating and exterior painting may be damaged or rust.
-Each item has a slightly different size and weight.
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Item No. V02299999028
Jan: 4580144797241

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