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  9. "CALEE" diamond Nail file Red dots


"CALEE" diamond Nail file Red dots

C$ 21

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Wu Ying Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


"CALEE" diamond Nail file Red dots

C$ 21

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"Nail file" which decorated with artificial diamond luxuriously. It's series of home treatment "GOEI DIAMOND FILE" which allows to maintain your nail as professional use at the office or while you are traveling.

Those are products using an artificial diamond for file for the surface and distinguished for the durability.

Base material are used limber particular glass fiber.

It allows to wash with water, disinfect with alcohol and  disinfect in boiling water.


Materials: Main body:diamond particle, glass fiber, nickel plating

Made in Japan



Color: Red dot

Size: length 60mm Wide 20mm Thickness 0.8mm

Weight(product): 3g

Weight(product and packing material): 4g

Cautionary of handling:

-Please do not use it for the surface of the nail.

-Please use it only for filing nail.

-Don't use it with exerting strength more than required, it might be bent.

-When file is carried around in a porch, please be sure to put it in an exclusive case.

-Please removed the dust by a brush after using and scour it  with water.

-It can be disinfect with alcohol.



-When shaving a nail, please fix the finger tightly so it will not  move.

- Prevent from the  damage of your nail, please move a file to the fixed direction.

-Please put a file face slantingly to the nail so it may under the nail. It will be prevent of onycholysis nail. 


Item No. V04366999028
Jan: 4957468017803

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